Çelesi Communication was founded in 1998, anticipating the needs of the new Albanian business of post communist era, in customer-based advertising and communication services. It is a 360˚advertising agency.

Initially, the agency became well-known as one of the most creative and dynamic graphic and photographic studios and printing services in Albania based on outstanding and innovative graphic solutions, a strong commitment, and a successful business relationship to its customers.

Starting from the year 2000, the agency expanded its activity providing a broad spectrum of advertising and communication services, including marketing strategies, and the implementation of advertising campaigns in TV, Radio, outdoor and mobile marketing.

In a continuous search of adding value and diversity to its client’s relationship, the agency recognized the need of offering qualitative public relations services. Therefore, in the year 2002, the agency created a special department in charge of P.R. activities.

At the same time, the agency opened a second office in Tirana’s center, and a third one in Durres, the second main city in Albania, becoming also the biggest agency in terms of geographical presence.


Our expertise and know-how is based particularly on high quality information, products/services offered by Çelësi Group covering C2C, B2C, B2B, Tourism and Cultural event fields.

This enables us to provide:

  • Unique database of practical information and business contacts.
  • Unique insight into the Albanian Market
  • Unique insight into the Albanian Business (flow and mentality)
  • Unique insight into the Albanian Consumer Behavior