Çelesi Communication  Agency

Çelesi Communication Agency was founded in 1998, anticipating the needs of the new Albanian business of post-communist era, in customer-based advertising and communication services. It is a 360˚advertising agency.


Our expertise and know-how is based particularly on high quality information, products/services offered by Çelësi Group covering C2C, B2C, B2B, Tourism and Cultural event fields.

This enables us to provide:

  • Unique database of practical information and business contacts.
  • Unique insight into the Albanian Market:
    • Unique insight into the Albanian Business (flow and mentality)
    • Unique insight into the Albanian Consumer Behavior


Communication Mapping & Direct mailing Web Marketing
Market survey Catchment study Web Design & Development
Strategic advertisement campaign Qualitative & quantitative Mapping SEO
Brand identity Direct mailing D2D & F2F Online marketing
Media planning, solution and execution Mobile App
Promotional products
PR & BTL activities

  1. Market survey

We offer unique insights into the Albanian market nuances observed and understood from every angle. We uncover the secret motivations that drive the Albanian consumers in their daily lives, activities, behavior, and media involvement. We provide mapping and segmenting markets, audience targeting through gathering and analyzing data

  1. Strategic advertisement campaign

We define the right marketing approach across all channels delivering the optimum combinations with the right investment in each one.

Corporate and product branding

We provide innovative solutions in brand naming, logo creation, conception of slogans and messages, offering a full range of corporate identity elements.

  1. Brand identity

We gives shape your Brand, we create your identity based on your strength, values, purpose. We define your unique look for communications.

  1. Media planning, solution and execution

Our media plans challenge the rapid change of consumer habits and media position to the best advantage of our clients.

  1. Creativity

Our creativity is always aligned within impact goals. Our messages are capable of attracting, informing and inspiring the consumers while eliciting response, retaining their interest and enhancing the brand values.

  1. Print

We handle all your design and printing needs, including photography, graphic design, and printed advertising forms. We offer the conception and the printing of leaflets, flyers, brochures and other printed formats.

  1. Outdoor

We are capable to give you a full service, from the conception of campaign, design it till implementing in printed banners, city lights ect.

  1. Promotional products

We can offer lot of product that will increase your visibility. You should use them in promotional advertising campaigns to communicate with your clients.

  1. PR & BTL activities

We organize special events, presentations, meetings, participation in fairs and exhibitions, media events and press conferences providing a targeted community involvement.

Mapping & Direct mailing

  1. Catchment study

We identify the interested area for your business.

Where can be the most appropriate area for your activities? When is the right moment to open the business?  We define the maximum distance described by foot and by car, parking places to build a Client Customized Communication Strategy that will ensure local maximized results and enhance the reach and coverage of local customer

We define this area, based in historical, demographic, economic factors.

  1. Qualitative & Quantitative Mapping

Quantitative Mapping –  We define numbers of households units, families and inhabitants in each area.

Qualitative Mapping –  Ranking of the areas based on the economical level of the population, into 5 different  economic levels:

  • Upper level
  • Upper Medium level
  • Medium level
  • Lower Medium level
  • Lower level
  1. Direct mailing D2D & F2F

Çelësi Communication has the capacity to involve up to 60 deliverymen simultaneously for each campaign. The transportation capacity of the sector includes 9 vehicles and 4 motorbikes. The combination of the efficiency of this sector with real-time monitoring through the GPS, provides the best quality in Direct Mailing services. And is possible to track every ongoing campaign in every single moment.

Web Marketing

  1. Web Design & Development
  2. SEO
  3. Online marketing
  4. Mobile App